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How much is shipping and how long does it take?
Great question! For information on delivery and shipping times click here.

How much does shipping cost?
FREE Standard post offered Australia wide! For correct international pricing, enter your postal address at checkout and click next. It will provide you with up to date pricing information for your area.

Where does my order ship from?
All orders ship from our HQ in Brisbane, Australia.

How does it stick without damaging mirrors?
Lumi Minx lights contain micro suction technology. This nifty little strip acts like millions of nano-sized suction cups to securely adhere to any flat non-porous surface such as glass or mirrors. The nature of the technology allows easy removal without residue, and makes it reusable. Yay for technology!

My tape is losing stickiness, what can I do?
Lumi Minx lights need to stay clean to adhere best. Wipe the micro suction tape  with a damp microfibre cloth. Let properly dry before reapplying. 
Tip: It is always a good idea to give the mirror a quick wipe down before applying to ensure best adhesion. 

Does Lumi Minx come with a warranty?
Lumi Minx has a 12-month product warranty against defects to the LED light panels under normal operating conditions.

To read more click here.

What happens if my purchase is lost in transit?  
If your purchase is deemed lost we will undertake a thorough investigation with our postal provider before re-issuing your order. Unfortunately we are not liable for orders that have been scanned as delivered. 

Can I cancel my order or change my address?
As orders are processed almost immediately through to our warehouse, we cannot accept cancellations or changes to orders placed.

What happens if my order is returned to Lumi Minx? 
On the rare occasion, some packages are returned to LM HQ due to insufficient addresses or being unclaimed. In these circumstances, once your order is returned to our warehouse you will be issued with a store credit to the value of your original purchase. Unfortunately shipping costs are non-refundable. Store credits are valid for 12 months from their issue date.

I ordered an item last week and now it's on sale. Can I have a refund?
Sorry babe, unfortunately we do not offer a price guarantee. This means we cannot provide a partial refund if your item goes on sale after you’ve purchased it.